May 11, 2007

BUG Movie

Okay, I love Ashley Judd, so I am very excited to see a new movie from her. Not only that, but a horror movie! I haven't seen a good horror movie in a very long time and this one looks to be promising. Plus the director of Exorcist has a hand in this movie! How great is that?? So apparently Ashley Judd meets this dude in a hotel room. They get together and they get infested with bugs? Kinda creepy anyway you think about it! LOL Anyway these bugs live inside their skin and Ashley and her new squeeze are the only ones who can see them it looks like at first. So I guess a lot of people are going to wonder if they’ve gone mad? The only thing I am wondering is why Ashley is meeting some random man at a hotel room and is he part of the little bug thing? Where did they come from?? I want to know more!

Ohh!! I’ve heard Harry Connick Jr. is the abusive ex-husband who comes back from prison trying to get back with Ashley who has a whole lot of problems going on in her life right now. Hmm. Sounds like Ashley has bit off more than she can chew! So are the bugs real? Who knows, but I am ready to find out!

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