May 22, 2007

Bloggerwave Sending Bad Vibes!!

I was surfing other blogs when I ran across an article sending bad vibes about bloggerwave. it's the first I had heard of the situation, but after checking with bloggerwave today and finding that nothing with the site has been updated, I'm now leary myself of this paid per post company.

Here's the stink:

Bloggerwave has been apparently ripping off a lot of people by not paying for posts. Not only this, but the scary thing is, when someone did get paid, paypal took the payment away. After that blogger called paypal, they learned that bloggerwave had used a credit card or bank account number that had not authorized payment to paypal or that blogger. NOT GOOD!! NOT GOOD AT ALL!

For the full story on what that blogger found out about bloggerwave, read more.

For those who signed up for bloggerwave like I did, you may very well want to keep your ears and eyes open with this company. As of right now I am deleting my bloggerwave paid post and closing my account with them. I have only done one article, so I'm not at a loss as far as that. My only fear is that they could very well use my paypal account as a means of theft!