May 22, 2007

Another New Paid To Blog Service is another new paid to blog service that I just signed up for. Just like the other paid to blog services, Smorty offers both advertisers and bloggers a way to connect and get something in return. While Smorty is still new to the game of Paid to Blog services, I believe they do have potential.

There is a FAQ's area if you're curious to learn how the site works or just want to get an answer to your question.

You can also have the opportunities sent to your email account.

They also allow you to post in more than one blog, so that you can earn even more money.

Plus you can also join their affiliate program and earn even more money.

Not bad, not bad at all! The really great thing I love about this site though, is that you get paid weekly! I would much rather be paid once a week rather than once a month.

This would be a great place for stay-at-home moms and dads, grandparents or college kids who want to make a little extra money. To give you an example, I am getting paid $6 for this post. $6 is breakfast for the kids for a week! Plus it all adds up in the end!

If you love blogging and you would love to get paid for blogging , then you should definitely give a shot.

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