May 2, 2007

9 Things You Never Knew About My Life and Never Want To Know Again!

  1. I'm a mom and step-mom to 5 wonderful kids. 4 Boys and 1 Girl!
  2. I have a passion for Sushi!
  3. I am a freelance writer for a great beauty company called, Care Fair.
  4. Actor Keanu Reeves is my idol.
  5. The Late-Actor Christopher Reeve is my hero.
  6. I think Drew Barrymore and Angelina Jolie are both awesome!
  7. I secretly wish I could finish writing that Damn Novel!!!
  8. We have a total of 4 rats, a chinese hamster, a snake, 2 dogs and a cat who thinks he owns the place.
  9. My fiance could pass for Actor Matthew Mcconaughey in a heartbeat if he had short hair and didn't look like a mountain man, but I love him just the way he is!