April 25, 2007

Now Why Doesn't That Surprise Me???

Not very long after I log online and did research for an article, some idiot who's page I clicked decides to send me a trojan to constantly open a new web browser every time I surf the web. Not only that, but load me up with the same winantivirus popup, over and over again and an attempt at automatically downloading the program! After several failed attempts to remove the problem, I finally had to resort to system restore point. After restoring the system, everything went well, except I couldn't load IE. So I finally ended up calling my cable company to solve that problem. Apparently either restore or the trojan maker reset my internet explorer so that I was unable to surf the web. Sigh. All fixed now, but not without a lot of frustration and a pile of work to catch up on.

On another subject, don't forget tomorrow at 2pm central, is my internet talk show.

Hope to see you there!