April 3, 2007

Keeping Up with Me, Myself and I....

Last night I decided to get ahead of myself on article writing. I was so proud of myself.. despite the cranky side effects I was experiencing. Then this morning I woke up feeling blah. Thinking it would go away, I attempted to get online and do some research. After about 30 minutes I my blah feeling went into migraine plus nauseous mode. Soo offline I went and now I am back and back to square one with writing. Sigh. Can't get ahead even with work.

Simple things like that usually try to get the best of me, but I try not to let them. It's hard at times, however. When little things like that happen I look at what I've already accomplished and then look at what I'd like to accomplish.

For instance, while I really enjoy freelancing, what I would like to do is write a novel. I actually have a few I am working on, but time is limited at the moment and I'm also a big procrastinator.lol If and when I have a little spare time I will probably begin to work on my novel again. I love writing. I enjoy getting paid for it too, but more so I just enjoy writing and love seeing my name published. I enjoy what readers have to say about my work (good or bad) and I never judge anyone for their opinions.

For me writing is a way of getting away from everyday life. It's a way of expressing my feelings and turning a negative into a positive. If I can make a little money doing so, then great!

Writing is a passion and fuels the heart and feeds the soul... Without it the flame in us dies and our emotions are never truly expressed. Make sense?