April 5, 2007

I Try, and I Try, and I Try... I Can't Get No!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mmm hmmm. You know the rest.

I got paid a few days ago from paypal and had it transferred to my bank. Not too long ago I raved and complained about my Averatec Laptop. After much procrastination and the funds to do so, I decided to order the parts I needed to fix my laptop. As soon as I proceeded to checkout, the company tells me my card does match billing address. HUH??? I haven't moved yet! So, I called my bank, only to learn I cannot place an order online with my visa card because I am not a primary holder (a little thing called a joint account). Since my fiance is however, he can place the order with his card. Well WTF??? That kind of defeats the purpose of me having the card in the first place since I can't order stuff for my laptop offline and he's at work! ARRGHHHHH!!!

So now I have to wait until tomorrow to order the parts and hope that it's not something else causing the problem. The really messed up thing is, we can't use the card to purchase anything like travel tickets or appliances or a new computer since it costs too much and there is a safety security limit. Okay, understandable, but I'm not understanding why a customer can't call or drop by the bank to verify an amount being purchased and have that limit lifted for like 30 minutes or so. My old bank would at least do that much! I think it's time to say adios to my bank and find another one.