April 9, 2007

HEY!!! Where's the Coconut???

On my lunch break I decided to try a product called, "A Taste Of Thai" They're located in the oriental foods section of our 24 hour wal-mart. I had tried their quick meal's peanut noodles in the past, which was absolutely yummy! This time I decided to try their quick meal's coconut ginger noodles. To my surprise they were a very big disappointment. There was no coconut flavor to them, whatsoever! Okay, I know a lot of the convenience foods can be very disappointed, but this one has reached an all-time low! Come on, people! Where's the coconut????

While I find that I love their peanut noodles and will probably purchase them again, I won't be buying their coconut ginger noodles again and I don't recommend them if you enjoy a little coconut with your noodles!