April 16, 2007

Helping a Habit

When I was growing up I had a lot of family members who experimented with some form of illegal drug. While a few of them have kicked their habit on their own, sadly a few have not. As a matter of fact one is spending time in jail at the moment for his drug addiction.

While surfing through another site that I am working for, I found a drug rehabilitation facility called, Stone Hawk. After viewing their website I discovered this place to be unique.

The first thing I noticed was their main page offered information that every participant or family member may be concerned about. The offer answers on how to treat drug addictions as well as alcohol addiction. There are also articles on what a drug rehabilitation center is and even what to look for in a center. I was impressed.

Stone Hawk even offers information about individual drugs as well as other useful information. The great thing about their program, they don't use drugs or medication to treat the problem.`They also offer you a comprehensive look at the program which is downloadable through pdf format and have even gone as far as gathered information for you on funding the participant's treatment. To be honest, I don't think I have ever found a site that is so informative!

Here's a few highlights of what they have to offer:

  • Questions through articles about concerns a participant may have. There's also a toll free number provided, if you have further questions.

  • A rundown of each of their programs, including a life skills courses and aftercare treatment.

  • Information on drugs like methadone, cocaine, PCP, prescription drugs, alcohol and more.

  • A section where you can find previous participants success stories with Stone Hawk.

  • A virtual tour of the facility.

No stone is left unturned! All in all this place looks very impressive. I only wish my family members would have known about this place sooner. Thank You Stone Hawk for caring about our people.

Check them out: Stone Hawk's - drug rehabilitation program

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