April 23, 2007

Drive Safely! Your Life May Very Well Depend on it!

Finally able to be back online, but it was not a great weekend. Moving actually went well, but not without a little frustration coming from my fiance. So much stress, so little time..

After awaking to our first night in our new home, My friend, her husband and I were chatting outside because it was such a nice day. After a few moments, we heard the rev of an engine and in view pulled a beautiful bike. As we admired the bike, it suddenly became apparent that it's owner was revving the engine again and off the bike sped. Then to our horror we watched as a car pulled out in front of the intersection and the bike crashed into the car. The first down to the wreck was my friend's husband and I a while later to fill out an accident report. After calling 911 we stood in complete shock as the cops, paramedics and fire fighters arrived to assist in the wreckage. While hoping the owner of the bike would be okay, it was apparent from the accident and our instinct that he would not make it. The day after, my friend and I purchased the local paper. Our instinct, sadly was correct. The man had been only 21 years old. He was heading to meet a friend for a bike rally and had been visiting friends on the corner, to our understanding. He was not wearing a helmet and was speeding. He died sometime Saturday. Luckily the driver of the car was unhurt.

It's not the first tragic accident I have been a wittness to and it saddens me to see something like this happen. I love bikes. Someday I will own one. Helmets, however are a must. I don't care how uncool people think they are. Wear them! I am also one who loves speed. There's a place a time for it. Obviously on the local streets is not one of those places. It saddens me that this man lost his life because he failed to wear a helmet and he decided it was okay to speed. It didn't help that there were no stop signs at either corner. If there are no stop signs at your intersection, use caution when driving through them, please. I cannot imagine what the driver in the car must be going through right now!

I hope I never have to see this happen again. Sigh.