April 24, 2007

A Day in the Life of An Insane Writer... Myself Of Course!

For those of you who wonder what my work day is like, or for those of you who are just humoring me as I blog this, Here it is.....

4:30am: The alarm goes off for the next 45 minutes as my fiance struggles to get out of bed and I am wide awake.

5:15am: My fiance starts his morning and leaves me with a goodbye kiss.

6:00am: I am already wide awake and decide to start my day.

6:15am: I sit down and dish out at least one article before I need to get my fiance's daughter up for school.

7:00am: I get his daughter ready for school and grab my own breakfast.

8:00am: Time to get back to my article writing. By now I've signed into yahoo messenger to check for emails and I'm chatting with friends.

10:00am: My fiance's son is wide awake and ready for breakfast!

10:30am: Time to research my third article for the day.

11:o0am: My fiance' calls to chat with me on his lunch break.

11:30am: Edit my research and get ready to write another article

12:00pm: Time for lunch
1:00pm: Back to work! I submit whatever articles I have already done and do a little surfing for my blog.

2:00pm: I research another article, chat, surf blogs and work on a post or two.

3:00pm: Time to get my fiance's daughter from school.

3:30pm: Enough time to research and wrap up my last article for the day.

Note: This is a typical work day that happens maybe 2 times a week. lately I've had to include errands, my radio show, and unexpected events into my schedule!!!