April 12, 2007

Competitive Rumors

A while back I was visiting one of my favorite sites, Freelance Writing Jobs when I noticed a post by the owner about a rumor at craigslist.org. In case you don't already know, craigslist is a great site to search for writing jobs. One of it's features allows readers to flag any messages that are considered spam. The problem with this is that after so many users flag that post, the job gets deleted. Okay, so maybe not such a bad thing for those who do spam the site.

Here lies the problem however, Deb from Freelance Writing Jobs had posted that there was a possible rumor about some writers abusing the flag post by flagging a job that was not considered spam so that he/she could knock out the competition.

I don't know if that rumor is true, but I wonder why someone would stoop so low as to flag writing job posts in order to get a job. It angers me actually and not because it keeps me from getting a job.

How I see it is, I enjoy competition and I welcome it. If you're a writer and you're good at your job, then the client who is hiring will see that. If you have talent you don't need to knock out the competition by cheating. Knock out your competition by showing off your work! If you get the job, great and congrats! If not, there are plenty of other opportunities out there and your day will come! In the mean time, work hard. Nothing comes for free.

And if that rumor is true and you're a person flagging those posts to gain a job? Eventually someone is going to find out, whether it's your client, your boss or craigslist. Please don't ruin it for the rest of us. Enjoy the competition and knock them out with your great work, not idiotic cheating.

By The Way - If you're a freelance writer and haven't ventured over to Deb's Freelance Writing Jobs already, you should. It's a great site where you can find plenty of freelance writing jobs. The site is updated almost everyday and you can even subscribe to the updates. And if you happen to land a job through there, please don't forget to drop Deb a note and thank her. After all, she takes time out of her busy schedule to find all of those great jobs that are scattered on the web!