April 3, 2007

Care Fair

While I have a few extra moments, I thought I would give you a bit of background (sort of a review, I guess) on who I work for. I started working for Care Fair last August. My first experience with them was a bit hesitant because in the past I have found getting a long with most of my bosses as a negative experience. Nathalie however, is different. What really impressed me was the fact that I received an unexpected package in the mail from her last December. In it was a wonderful Christmas basket filled with yummy goodies and a thank you note from the Care Fair team. I was so touched that I sent her a thank you note. In return she was touched by my thank you note.lol Lately things have been a bit slow with my writing and while Nathalie could easily dismiss me as a writer, she hasn't and I am very thankful for that! She has been a wonderful boss and I truly enjoy working for her and the rest of the Care Fair team.

When you drop by their website, you'll notice it is beauty related. It's another reason I enjoy working there! I have always been fascinated with beauty and at one point considered a career in cosmetology. I love makeovers and I love seeing the wonderful expressions on the faces of those who are made over. The one unique thing about Care Fair is that there is a section included for Men! You'll also find product reviews and a dictionary based on cosmetics!

If you enjoy beauty as much as I do, definitely check them out! You won't be disappointed!