March 28, 2007

Whatever happened to Actor Leonardo Dicaprio?

Years ago a few friends of mine got together and shared an interest in actor Leonardo Dicaprio. It was right around the time he hit it big with the movie, Titanic. For some it was the pure benefits of his looks, plus acting. For me it was simply his acting and his credit for not caring what the media thought. To me he seemed real, not a fake. After that I kept up with his movies. Then he did a big movie called, "Aviator" and since then I've grown less interested in his movies. As a matter of fact it was only about a month ago that I managed to sit down and watch "Aviator." I found it to be boring. So then I thought... Well, maybe it wasn't his acting, but the role he chose. Nope. Not so. I have found his most recent two movies to be just as boring. So what happened to him I wonder? Maybe he's just chosing roles that I'm not interested in. Or maybe he's growing tired of the roles he's choosing. Or it could be he's just not cut out for those roles. No matter what the reason, I hope for his sake he can continue to pull off his success as an actor (not a boy toy) or he may very never walk in the shoes of his idol, Robert De Niro who is still loved by fans and the world of entertainment.