March 27, 2007

Scoliosis, Worms and a Pool....

In the past, my freelance writing has been my main focus since it helps to put food on the table. Lately however I've had to put it on the backburner somewhat.

Most of my day from yesterday were spent calling back and forth to my ex-husband and his future wife about our oldest son who has been diagnosed with severe scoliosis. Doctors are now telling us that my son's scoliosis is moving at a rapid pace which isn't normal. What should have progressed over years progressed in a matter of three months. They are now suspecting that there may be some sort of disease that runs in either mine or my ex-husband's family that is causing the unusual progression. And until the doctors can figure out what is causing the progression, they can't treat the scoliosis. At best we may know more information by April 24th. Much too long for me. Sigh.

Between the phone calls, my fiance and I came to the realization that our new puppies we adopted had something seriously wrong with them and had to rush them to the vet. What we thought was parvo turned out to be a really bad worm infestation. The puppies came from a farm, are 8 weeks old and have yet to recieve any shots until we took them to the vet. The worms were bad enough that a friend's puppy who was adopted from the same litter passed away earlier that morning. We're not even sure one of ours will make it since things were so bad, but we're hoping she'll pull through.

Yesterday also marked the day of our final inspection on our house. Yes I said our house! Shows you how much I've kept everyone up to date, huh?? LOL Well, to make a long story short, we ended up going through a local realtor to get approval for our home. I found the house as an "As Is" online, so at first we were a little worried about how bad the "As Is" was. Well after seeing the house last week, we were excited to discover there didn't look like anything really wrong with it. At most, a little cosmetic work. After inspection yesterday, my fiance was like a kid in a candy store because there's nothing wrong with the house. :) It's a wonderful house with an above ground pool (My fiance's first love about the house), 3 bedrooms and 2 baths. Mortgage payments will only run us around$450 a month which isn't bad at all! Of course that's minus insurance, taxes, etc. Still, even after all of that is figured in, the cost will be far less than what we can actually pay for a rental house here.

Are we in over our heads and over-stressed??? YEP! But not a lot we can do about it at the moment!