March 14, 2007

Proof That Girls Are Not Evil

So, I was sifting through articles by John Chow since he's seems to be an interesting rambler when I found one titled "Proof That Girls Are Evil." As much of a giggle I might have gotten from this, I must say that not all girls are evil. HEHE

Not all of us require time or money. I have plenty of time... Money is a necessity just about everyone needs. (yes, guys included.)

Plus without us there would be no guys (hence the baby bit, but of course guys do their fair share too.) and they'd never get laid. (Unless you prefer a more discreet option.)

Plus there are a few of us who enjoy being sweet. Although we must say we're not perfect angels. Then again neither are guys.

So lightly put, proof we're not evil and this could very well easily be a waste of blogging time.