March 27, 2007

A little thing I call Myspace...

I've actually had a calm moment where I can sit down and stew over a few thoughts in my mind. One that has really been bothering me lately is Myspace. I noticed 4 different friend requests from the same person (under different names of course) wanting me to add them, so that I can make money at home. Well, I hate to burst their bubble, but I'm already doing that. It really wouldn't bother me so much except for the fact of every time I deny them, they would come back under a different name with another add friend request. The funny thing was, the profile was exactly the same! So what I want to know is, What can Tom (The guy who runs Myspace) do about it?

Okay, let me back up before someone makes a point that I already know about. Myspace does have a nice little feature for those of us who don't mind it, that allows users to block accept add requests from people that don't know them. The only downfall is, if someone you'd like to know and doesn't know you finds your page... They're of course, unable to send you a request. Now I'm sure that it can be bypassed by just sending someone a message, but I haven't really been to myspace's edit profile page to find out. And here's the kicker. If that's true, what prevents spammers from just sending you a message instead? Yep, I've gotten a few of those in the past. I guess here lately however, most have discovered that the add friend thing is just so much easier. What I would like to see done however is a way for user to automatically flag that person through add friends as well. I know this is possible through messages, so why not through the add friends??

I know we can just send the link to Tom and his myspace team, but that takes a few extra moments out of my busy day. Those extra moments could be used to wrap up an article! Well Myspace is free, so I guess we really shouldn't expect much from a now rich and famous company.

Ohh well, just me ranting and raving I guess. A friend just called me, so I am off to go for a walk with her and her kiddos.... Ta Ta for now!