February 26, 2007

The Averatec 3200

About 3 years ago, I purchased an Averatec 3200 laptop at wal-mart for around $700. At the time it was all I could afford and the ever so famous Best Buy had given it rave reviews. Well to my horror, last year my Averatec 3200 started over heating at the connection plug. Once this happened it would not keep a connection. Serves me right for buying a cheap laptop! So, I started doing some research and learned that this was a very common thing for this mkae and model of laptop! After reading through other customers' suggestions I found that the connection plug could be taken apart and solder together again. Well, I tried that. This has been my 3rd and final attemp at this piece of junk laptop that still overheats. So today I am attempting to search for a new laptop and toss this one out the door unless a fellow reader has a better suggestion???

In the mean time, please be advized that in the making of this article, no laptops came to harm in anyway or form. Including that of my Averatec 3200. However in the near future, I cannot guarentee this. Also... Unless you've had wonderful luck with this laptop series. I don't reccomend them!