January 23, 2007

Resurrecting The Dead -A Love Hate Relationship of a Girl and Her Blog

January 2, 2017,

A note to myself really, no really: It's amazing that when I started this blog, I thought I knew a lot about blogging, enough to go live with my very first post. Boy was I wrong! My first thought after re-reading this post was to delete it! After all, that's what the big named bloggers and money-makers would most likely advise, right? But, I'm a rebellion, so let's not follow the pack!

Instead, let's play a little show and tell here. And take notes, okay? Way back when I thought I knew a lot, I didn't stop to consider what this post lacked extremely in order for anyone to follow my blog.

My first thought here is, I do a lot of nonsense in a hurry to get my first post published, rambling. Oh so boring. It's not only a waste of my precious time, it's a waste of my viewers as well. And just what the hell were you rambling about anyway???

On the positive side, I'm being the real me and letting my potential readers experience that.

The good news is short blog posts can be a really good thing. Most of us have lives, simply put and don't have the time to read a five-page blog post. So, unless it's a post that's worthy of this status, let's keep it short and to the point. 

Now for the bad news. Where the hell are the graphics? Maybe a video? Or even some damn links! When you leave more than just words on the page, it gives your readers an idea of who you are, what you're all about. This can even allow your viewers to feel like they can relate to you.

And even more bad news... I'm almost scared to see my 2nd blog post. I have a sneaky little feeling I'm going to be doing a lot of deleting of posts and editing those that are worth saving. A lot has certainly changed in 10 years.

What was once lost here on E-blog has now been resurrected. No, I am not talking about people. Of course not! This is a blog. Not too long ago I created life to a blog titled A Second Time Around (The Life of an Unknown Writer). Since then, I have allowed myself to forget the password to the account. No password, no access. So give them your email address, you say? Well, I tried that and the email address doesn't exist. Now I know darn well it does because it's the only email address I have! Sure I could have asked E-blog "what gives", but rather than wait and fight it out, I decided to insanely go where no writer has gone before (or has) and just open another account. And that ends that.