January 30, 2007

The Media at it's BEST!!!

I was glancing at a newspaper today when I noticed an article about Nuclear Plants and how they are defenseless against an attack. The article went on to give a few details on why the plants are defenseless and what they should do to try and prevent an attack. Then they went on to say that there's a defense plan, but officials have declined to discuss the plan (WHOO HOO WE DO HAVE SMART PEOPLE IN THIS WORLD!!). So what am I getting at you may be asking?? If any terrorist were to read that article they would know just how to blow up our nuclear plants. We're worried about terrorists, yet we are providing a whole slew of information on how to blow us up right at their fingertips. Now while I understand that the public should be informed of some information, I think articles like the one in the paper should be left alone.