January 24, 2007

Luna Smoona

Tried Luna's (The ever so famous ridiculously priced nutrition bar for women) lemon zest bar today. I'd forgotten that I had requested a free sample in the mail for it. I'd hear rave reviews about Luna and had the urge to try it for myself, which I found to be downright disgusting. The first bite reminded me of the lemon-powdered candy you could get as a kid. The second bite began leaving a nasty bland effect in my mouth, and after the third bite, I gave up. Five minutes later I found myself making a mad dash for the kitchen to down an entire glass of water due to the bar's disgusting after taste and the fact that it left me with a dry mouth. It’s been 30 minutes since I ate that bar and I still have a dry mouth and after taste from it. Run. Run as fast as you can from the little bar called "Luna"