January 23, 2007

Just walk away from the phone nice and easy, and no one will get hurt

All of us at one point in our lives have encountered a roommate who gets out of hand for one reason or another. Usually we blow up at one another, eventually fix the probably and finally, go about our normal routines. I however have two roommates that in the nicest terms, cannot grasp a point. To access my internet, I use dial up. As everyone knows, dial up requires the use of a phoneline. In the past, anytime I would get online my roommates would automatically pick up the phone and of course I would get booted offline. After several weeks of this, I tried to sit down and explain to them that if I'm online, don't pick up the phone. It didn't work. See, to their way of thinking, when I'm online, the phone buzzes (an indication that the line is connected to the net) and they assume something is wrong with the phone, so they try to fix the problem. Trying to tell them differently is like trying to tell Bill Clinton not to fool around on his wife. Sure, I could just get another form of internet service like DSL or Cable, but I'm moving soon, so it would be a waste of money and time. So for now I'll deal with their non-common sense and maybe one of these days they'll understand.