December 11, 2014

The Speaker Cable

He couldn't quite figure out what was up with his old speaker cable It seemed as if everything he owned was suddenly breaking down. He didn't want to have to purchase a new one. Why should he when his old one was working perfectly fine just a few days ago. He just couldn't understand it and it was really ticking him off. Boom! Boom! Boom! The reflex action of his fist flew into the speaker faster than his brain could react.

Breathe Roger, breathe. Focus. He stared at the damage that had been done. This wasn't his fault. It wasn't. He hadn't done this. It wasn't possible. He closed his eyes and drew a ragged breath.

It was her fault. It was hers and she needed to face the consequences of her actions right now. He stomped toward the bedroom where she lay sleeping. How dare she sleep! How dare she!

December 9, 2014

The Music in My Head

Sometimes silence isn't always the best in this thing we call life. Music is the heart and soul that makes the wolrd go round. It's the fire that drives us when we are down and need that little pick me up boost of energy.

Now granted, not all music is worth the listen, but for the most part, there are so many wonderful sounds that instruments and vocals come together and create. So without music things are suddenly lifeless. Yet sometimes, just sometimes, rules are meant to be broken, so without further ado, I present to you, the music in my head.
"Baby I get so scared inside and I don't really understand....."

November 19, 2014

The Untold True Love Story of Influenster

She stopped in front of the building with those big bold words she knew by heart, She had lost everything over the past few months and things were only getting worse. She closed her eyes and let out a deep sigh.

Life was never easy for anyone, but for her this was the ultimate. The loss of a writing job she cherished, the closing of a building and loss of co-workers who had become more, the promised income from that job to survive on now in danger itself, the loss of her mother to cancer, the battle of her 2nd mom, her aunt's cancer, the diagnosis of her own disease caused by stress.... The list could go on, yet here she was standing tall in front of what she considered one of the greatest influential companies for the biggest brands.

Today could be the best day of her life, if she could just show them she was a survivor, a fighter and her love for products and writing would never die. The passion had been there deep inside, burned in her soul no matter what life tossed her way.

There were so many great brands with Influenster, she could never name them all. Even the latest with the Influenster App was exciting news to her!

She hesitated for a moment remembering the stolen package sent from Influenster a few years ago. It had been another road block in her life, a slap in the face from her own family as she had tried to make a name for herself in this competitive world. Yet somehow that hadn't stopped her. Instead, she had still welcomed that family member in her home. Instead, she was now standing here in front of Influenster, ready to prove that road blocks were only that. That you can make your own path no matter how tiny you are in this world. That without the hearts of mom and dad bloggers, there would be no love for great brands, and without Influenster we may never discover those hearts.

She looked up at those big bold letters once more, took a step forward and opened the door to the future of branding, to her future, her heart and soul.

November 17, 2014

The Real-life Romance of Superman and Lois Lane

I'm sure many of us know of someone who is a fan of a comic book hero like Superman and some of us may even know of a real-life hero. Well, I have a very good friend who many know as Superman. Not only is he a huge fan of the comic book hero, he is one of the few men that I know who truly lives through honor and respect of those around him. But there's more to Superman than just being an everyday hero. There's a life very few people get to truly see. It's the heart and soul of a man in love. Below is his story......

I met Lois in college while standing in line at admissions. It wasn't your typical meet and greet either! Standing there minding my own business when someone scratches down my back lightly..sending shivers up my spine, very sensual shivers at that! Intrigued, I turned around and discovered a beautiful brunette with blonde highlights smiling that smile. You know the one, the one that says, "I know we'll be together some day:)" We introduced ourselves..Lois and Clark. Who knew the future of those names? As it turned out, we had several classes and breaks together.

Between saving the day, making corny excuses as I went, and classes, we'd study together and talk. Always, those gorgeous brown eyes glancing up at my hazel blues. One evening, on break, we were both hungry. I offered to drive her to Wendy's. She was hesitant at first, guess having a General as a father does that to you. But her heart won out and she acceded to going.

We parked in an empty lot to eat and chat. Both nervously talking as the rain started patterning on the windshield. I was very nervous, imagine the Man of Steel nervous over anything! I very much wanted to kiss her:) No ideas were forthcoming on how to proceed. Lois was nervous too, I could see it on her face. I told her to count the raindrops that fell on my windshield. She proceeded to count and I kissed her on the nape of her neck causing her to lose track around twenty drops.

We knew from that moment that we were destined to be together. The evening ended as so many others do, an emergency only I could hear beckoned to be answered in a red blue blur! Making up yet another pathetic excuse, score another for a Clarkism.

Exiting quickly, donning my red and blues, I thought, "She's the one for me!" Flying away with a lopsided smile, I truly felt bad for whomever caused that night to end so abruptly. Up, up, and away for now. Oh, by the way, those excuses are coming along much better now that she knows who I truly am. Be good, honor your parents, and obey the laws. - Matthew Cramer