July 20, 2015

I'll Drink to That

In the past I've had my name as The Insane Writer printed on products like flyers and business cards, but never something as cool as a glass. It's pretty neat to see that I can put my name slogan on printed pint glasses at GlassWithATwist.com.

It also looks like I can put a design of my own choosing there, too. I can see so many great ideas going with this. The designs and wording can both be done in colors, which I really like, with a clear glass. There's a nice selection of glass styles I could choose from. Everything from Shot glasses to Coffee mugs, which are both winners for me.

They also do mason jars, candle holders, etc. These would also be neat for weddings, but I'm really loving the idea of a shot glass or coffee mug with my logo on it. I think if I did something like that, I'd have to choose sea colors, or maybe purple and black with my book logo on it, although I think this would only be acceptable on a bigger glass like a coffee cup or maybe a mason jar.

Still, the possibilities really are nearly endless, and I love the idea of a coffee or tea cup with my first novel on it. The clear cup design is even unique in it's own aspect. They also have a blue cobalt color for the glass, which is cool. Not to mention they have an Irish style mug, which is kind of unique. But I think I'd prefer the coffee cup or blue design. It's too bad you couldn't get a purple mug. That would be really insane, but unique in my opinion.

Best of all, I can order just one glass or an entire set. Does this company have no limits to their engraving madness?

July 14, 2015

3 Unorthodox Habits as a Highly Productive Freelance Writer

Sorry folks, but I'm really not that, Get it Done Freelance Writer that everyone wants to be. Nope, I'm that, I Just Don't feel Like Doing This Right Now Freelance Writer simply because I have so much on my plate and live a real life as a mom! Even so, bills must be paid and deadlines need to be met, so I tend to take the unorthodox method of those Getter Done Rules. I like to just do my own things folks and say "F$#@! It" to following the rules.

Prioritizing Doesn't Work For Me - Sticking with one Goal Does

Most habit forming rules tell you to prioritize. I can write lists all day long and put big goals at the top, but it's not going to help get me going. If I've got a long lists of tasks I tend to take one look at them and realize this is just too much, time to put it off. So I don't start a bunch of jobs all at once. Instead, I tend to work towards one goal/one job and stick with it until it's done. That way I don't have an excuse to blow it off.

Setting Goals is a NO NO - Last Minute Deadlines and Playtime is a Win-Win

Ask any parent and they can tell you their kids don't like rules. I'm just like a kid. I don't like rules and refuse to play by them. I've tried believe me I have tried, to set goals and to get my writing done before my real-life. Life gets in the way, my mind gets bored easily and I can't focus for hours on just work. Instead, I'll write a paragraph or two, play one game or do a house chore that needs to be done, then write another paragraph or two and start that routine all over again. It keeps me from getting bored and I can accomplish a hell of a lot more that way. Now as far as deadlines, I'm not saying I'll wait til the very last second, but who says you need to turn in your work 2 weeks in advance! A day head of a deadline when life gets busy is more real to me.

Sleep isn't Always the Answer - Hello, Beer

 They say sleep helps you focus better when you work. While you do need sleep to help keep you going, sometimes what I need is a beer to help me relax and focus better when I write. Okay maybe two beers! While I'm not saying you should be getting drunk, I do not see any harm in a drink just to mellow out so you can focus!

Joy Smith also known as The Insane Writer, is the author of the Sci-Fi novel, The Generation. She can be found on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+ and LinkedIn.

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July 13, 2015

Rock Out

pepper keenan only had one thing on his mind, his music. He'd been playing with a lot of members of other great bands for years, but his passion was in his own as a frontman. He'd loved his music, loved the lyrics he wrote and simply loved life in general. He struck a chord on his guitar and smiled. By damn he was good and his fans verified this every chance they could. He struck another chord, then another and another with preciseness. The sound pleased his eardrums. It was almost time for the show. Just another couple of minutes and he would be rocking out in front of his fans, giving them the performance they deserved.

He watched the rest of his band-mates, checking their own instruments, making sure they were ready to give their all for their own fans. This would be the best show yet.